Key Real Estate Co. has submitted its request for final site plan approval for phase one of 1505 Dickerson Pike. The mixed-use development will create 265-units with street-level retail along the Dickerson Pike transit corridor. The project is located between Dickerson Pike and Luton Street in East Nashville; the address is 1505 Dickerson Pike.

The Dickerson Pike transit corridor has seen a wave of new development proposals over the last 5 years with many moving closer to or under construction. The map below shows a sample of active projects between Spring Street & East Trinity. However, there are more projects within this segment of Dickerson Pike which are in various stages of preliminary planning.

1505 Dickerson Pike was approved for rezoning in December 2021 from CS/CL to SP zoning.  The approved plan included 300-units in phase 1 and 350-units in phase 2.  Additionally, the plan encompassed 20,000 max sf of commercial space between the two phases.

A request for final site plan approval was recently submitted for Phase 1, which now includes a total of 265-units with retail facing Dickerson Pike.  The project only required administrative approval to permit the mixed-use development on the 6.89 acres site.  The request was submitted by Thomas & Hutton on behalf of the property owner.  Here’s the quick rundown:

Development Rundown

  • What’s Now: Former Mobile Home Estates/Vacant Land
  • What’s Next: Mixed-Use Development
  • Developer: Key Real Estate Co.
  • Architect: Humphreys & Partners
  • Civil: Thomas & Hutton
  • Capacity: 265 Units/ 397 Parking Spaces/ Retail

The overall building height will reach 5-stories on Dickerson Pike and transition to 3 -Stories on Luton Street. The Ground floor of Dickerson Pike is activated with retail on the northwestern end of the property and continues onto a new public street named Marshall Street. The street-level retail and residents above will act as a liner to conceal the parking garage. The entrance into the parking garage is located on Marshall Street. The building also includes an expansive courtyard.

Slide the image to see What’s Now & Next.
Shown for context only. – Not to scale.

Site improvements will come in the form of new landscaping, tree canopy, and 1st generation sidewalks surrounding the property. The plans include 10-foot sidewalks with a 4-foot grass strip on Dickerson pike. Marshall Street and Luton Street will receive 5-foot sidewalks with a 4-foot grass strip. There is also a shared bike lane proposed on Dickerson Pike.

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