Plans continue to unfold at the former dairy plant located near the corner of Church Street & the Interstate. Updated renderings provide additional insight into the look and feel of the new development. Like the previously submitted plans, the developer intends to construct 3 buildings which includes 3 towers at 45, 35, 30 stories tall and the 7-story building along 14th Avenue North. The updated renderings provide visual context for the 35 and 30 story towers as well as the pedestrian experience. The project is located on 1401 Church Street.

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Designed by Hastings, the architecture represents a departure from the glass towers which have become common place within Downtown & Midtown Nashville.  As the curvature of the façade with its gold accented rails makes its way up the tower, it softens the structure’s Brutalist inspired form.  Combined with the ascending landscapes, cascading water features, and sky bridge gives it a bit of a celestial feel (shown in the image below).

A request has been submitted to rezone from MUI-A to SP zoning for the collection of properties that make up the project.  Once approved, it will permit the new mixed-use development on the 3.85-acres site.   The request was submitted by Hastings on behalf of the property owners. Here’s the quick rundown:

Development Rundown

1401 Church Street

  • What’s Now: Former Dairy Plant
  • What’s Next: Mixed-use Development
  • Developer: BOSA Properties
  • Architect: Hastings (Rendering Credits)
  • Landscape: HDLA
  • Civil: CSDG
  • Engineering: KCI Technologies
  • Capacity 1,350 Residential Units /Non Residential Uses/ Covered Parking
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The new pedestrian realm surrounding the property will provide a level of safety and activation not currently present this side of Midtown. This is especially important at the intersection of Church Street & the Interstate which isn’t well lit and does not adequately accommodate safe passage for pedestrians. Some of the new details include wider sidewalks, landscape buffers from the street, and 4-foot wide bike lanes on 15th Avenue North. The renderings show a guard rail along 14th Avenue North and the Interstate, however, the details were not show in the civil plans just yet. This would be a great addition given the speed and driver behavior along that street.

As indicated in the image above, the street level is activated by retail/restaurant space shown in yellow and residential lobby and amenity space shown in blue.  There are also back of house and loading areas at key points surrounding the development.

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Towers 1 & 2 share the same building base and primarily fronts Church Street & 15th Avenue N. The 7 Story building fronts 14th Avenue North & the Interstate.  The tallest building, Tower 3, is shown as a massing in the image above and has yet to be detailed.  The maximum floor plate of 15,000 SF above the 7th floor remains the same for all three towers.

The overall site is connected through a plaza which sits above the street level. The plaza has multiple entry points for both pedestrians and vehicles. Access up to the pedestrian plaza is proposed through landscaped stair ramps depending on the elevation from the street. Parking for the development is below the plaza.

Slide the image to see What’s Now & Next.

The development is scheduled for the 10/27/2022 Metro Planning agenda.

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