Rock Block Flats is a new mixed-use development located in the historic Rock Block Area of Midtown.  The 90-unit building will create much needed residential inventory, while preserving key architectural elements through the adaptive reuse of the storefront buildings.  Selective demolition and stabilization of the historic storefronts has already commenced.  This will make way for new foundations and the construction of the multifamily structure.  The project is located at 2205 Elliston Place.

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Local developer Tony Giarratana is taking on the project, along with partner Marc Stengel of Ridgefield Development. Giarratana has also worked on redeveloping the historic Elliston Place Soda Shop, moving its original location to the property next door but maintaining the old charm and flair from the original location. The soda shop is shown in the image below and was designed by architectural firm SV Design.

Giarratana has been involved in some of the most iconic developments in Nashville such as the upcoming 60-story tower at the Downtown YMCA. He has been credited with bringing some of the first residential units to the downtown area following a decades-long drought of residential development in the downtown core. Here’s the quick rundown:

Development Rundown

Rock Block Flats

Designed by Nashville based architect SV Design, Rock Block Flats is designed as a modern building with historic flair.  The building is designed with a 2-story podium for parking with a five-story stick framed apartment above that is situated behind the historic storefronts.  The overall project has 4 main building components which are highlighted in the axom diagram below. 

Axom courtesy of SV Design.
  • RED – The area in red shows the adaptive-reuse of the historic storefront structures. The final use of those structures are currently being evaluated, which can range from retail to live/work units.
  • YELLOW – The yellow area is the iconic illuminated stair tower facing Elliston Street. The precedent for this design element was brought forward by the developer and was inspired by Sperone Westwater in New York.
  • GREEN – The area shaded in green represents the two story parking podium and resident lobby area.
  • BLUE – The blue area shows the 5 story residential structure.
Slide the image to see What’s Now & Next.
Conceptual Rendering -Shown for context only.

The entrance into the building cuts through the former Gold Rush space and brings you to a separate entrance into the apartment building.  The entrance creates its own unique character as the frosted glass illuminates the vertical tower.  80 of the 90 units will be studios and one-bedrooms, ranging from 479 to 533 SF. There will be a 10 total two-bedrooms, at 1,008 SF each.

Here’s a look at current construction progress at Rock Block Flats.

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