The site of the former Eldorado Motel is being eyed for a new mixed-use development.  Situated at the corner of Ed temple Boulevard and Buchanan Street, the proposal includes 3 new building structures for the now vacant site.   When the hotel first opened it was Nashville’s only lodging option listed in the Green Book Travelers Guide.  It also served many prominent figures in national history including Harry Belafonte and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  All that remains of the prominent hotel is its iconic signage which will be reused in the new development.  The property is located at 1833 Ed Temple Blvd.

Document & Site Plan credits Smith Gee Studio via Metro.

The plans note how its original owners, George Driver, a restaurant operator, and Bill Otey, a chain grocer, opened the hotel in 1957. They were the first black business owners to receive a Federal Small Business Administration loan to open the business and a $112,000 participating loan for improvements. 

The hotel was demolished in 2012, with only its sign remaining to mark this important part of Nashville’s history and culture. The proposed development aims to honor the history of the site, by providing a location for visitors to see the sign and learn more about the history of the hotel and its owners. The development will also honor the history and culture of the site by drawing inspiration for the material and color palette from the rich midcentury design of the historic structure.

Ed Temple Blvd is flanked by acres of land primarily owned by Tennessee State University, Exxon, and Tri Star Transportation.  This project would serve as the only new development project along Ed Temple Blvd as of late.

A request has been submitted to rezone the property from R6 to SP zoning.  Once approved, the request will a permit mixed-use development on the 3.32-acre site.  The request was submitted by Smith Gee Studio on behalf of the property owners.  Here’s the quick rundown.  

Development Rundown

1833 Ed Temple Blvd

  • What’s Now: Cleared Site.
  • What’s Next: Mixed-Use Development
  • Developer: Wedgewood Avenue
  • Architect: Smith Gee Studio (Rendering & Plan Credits)
  • Capacity: 150 Max Units / Amenities / Surface Parking
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Overall, the site is comprised of 3 building structures; Building A is located at the North-end of the property and is proposed as 3 stories while Buildings B&C are proposed as 4 stories. There is a proposed pool, pocket park, and ground floor amenity spaces located in buildings B&C. 

Infrastructure improvements include a proposed tree-lined sidewalk, landscape buffers, and a stormwater retention pond.  The plans include a small pervious parking lot in addition to covered parking under the buildings. However, because the development is located on a transit corridor, parking is not required. Additionally, the plan proposes a potential future transit plaza along the railroad tracks on Buchanan Street as well as a potential future connection to the Greenway.

Existing infrastructure along Ed Temple Blvd includes a separated bike lane, connection to the Cumberland River Greenway, and is served by the Route 77 bus line.

The owners are requesting all uses per MUL-A zoning (mixed-use limited), emphasizing multi-family residential and hotel/motel uses.  Mixed Use Limited zoning is intended for a moderate intensity mixture of residential, retail, and office uses.

The development is scheduled for the 11/10/22 Metro planning agenda.

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